3 Simple Steps For Recovery

As a long term investor and founder of an startup I’m here to offer a simple solution to solve this issue in 3 steps.
To Fix the Ongoing crisis.

Stage 1: Buy Back and Burn all the excess minted Luna. (This shouldn’t be hard to achieve given the lower prices)

Stage 2: Let Luna recover.

Stage 3: Slowly start paying back UST holders.

As we all know by now UST cannot be salvaged. Even if the Peg is restored to $1 it has lost the market confidence required for a stable coin to attract investors and not to mention the vulnerability that already exists with UST. Therefore, any recovery plan should be to recover LUNA and then slowly pay off the UST holders.


Pegging wont work, it was a wrong path right from the beginning

For any kind of repayment first there needs to be money. Once LUNA recovers there will be money in the ecosystem which can use used to slowly pay off the bad debt in batches aka UST. The earlier proposals focus on creating new coins and distribution but everyone fails to focus what will be value of those? What’s the difference between having 1 million coins valued at 0.00001 vs having a new 100 coins at 0.1?

Unless you recover Luna and bring in money, everyone loses.

agree, why inflation exit in all economies? because inflation push prices higher and make the cake bigger

To have inflation, you need more people buy the item than the availability of the item, in order to push to price higher

so long as the music doesnt stop, everyone benefits

If Luna price keep going up, even those who left the game, will jump back into the game again, if the price keep going up

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Exactly! because LUNA is not a stable coin and has great upward potential and can be used as the currency of choice in the Terra ecosystem which will further propell its growth. This is the only way everyone wins.

uhm, inflation doesn’t make any cake bigger, it monetary illusion. but if you prefer, makes any fixed income shrink.