A larger Luna 2.0 supply would attract more buyers

Some of the most popular coins like Doge or Shiba have a very large supply. This makes the coins look more affordable to potential buyers. It’s also the reason why companies do stock splits. People want to own a few coins at least, not fraction of a coin.

This will make the new Luna more attractive to new buyers once it goes live and give everyone more value for money. Since it will attract more money, the compensation everyone is about to receive as an airdrop is going to be bigger in fiat dollar terms.

Have a large supply of trillions coins to achieve what I described above. 100-500 trillion should do.

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So you want to create a current luna clone? LMAO

What madness is this. Fork is not the solution, not for #Luna anymore. She has to preserve, the community that already has… This idea of Do Kwon, it’s just another blow