A New Vision

Hi, new to this forum so don’t know how the governance works, but if the community want to save the existing value of Luna (which is a mix of both brand awareness and goodwill at this point) and implement transactional burns or someone suggested a fork of Ust or any number of the great ideas already mooted, how or rather who would lead the counter vision to Do Kwon?

How would the community implement a new leadership team, as it seems the current one isn’t prepared to engage in here and is steaming ahead with an idea which is at best unpopular. Even with decentralized projects there has to be a clear voice and currently I feel what’s missing is the business focus which will be crucial to Terra getting back on it’s feet.

I doubt CZ would want the headache of taking it on but for DK and the Devs to ignore the advice of possibly the greatest business man in crypto makes me feel the project can’t possibly succeed and that would of course be a travesty.

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