A unique alternative Terra Rescue Plan instead fork & burn

The strong alternative solution to save Terra without fork & LUNA burning.

The TerraRescue team announces a project to solve three problems.

  1. Save Terra Network without forking & burning LUNA coins.
  2. Restore the LUNA value as of 5/6/2022 6:00 PM ($80.59)
  3. Restore 1:1 parity between UST & US dollar.

The TerraRescue team understands the complexity of its goal. Below is a short action plan that will lead to success.

Stage 1. Reduce the market supply of LUNA coins.
The main task of this stage is to reduce the supply of LUNA coins on the market.


  1. Create a DAO TerraFederalReserve and an address for it in the Terra network to create a Future Generations LUNA-Fund.

  2. Create an address in the bitcoin network to create a Loss Compensation BTC-Fund for DAO TerraFederalReserve.

  3. Each LUNA Coin holder must send as many LUNA as possible to the Future Generations LUNA-Fund address for freezing.

  4. LUNA coins on the Future Generations LUNA-Fund will be frozen until 12/31/2024.

  5. Once a year, LUNA will begin to be returned to the owners according to the stage 5 scenario.

Step 2: Spread the word about the ArtDonation project.
The main task of this stage is the viral dissemination of information about the ArtDonation project on the Internet to attract the attention of the Terra community and new members to the network.


1.It is necessary to create software for viral dissemination of information about the ArtDonation project. This software is proposed to be made in the form of a Telegram bot.

  1. Telegram bot will be able to issue Terra Rescue Token, TRT coins. To receive TRT coins, the participant will need to get a referral link from the bot and give this link to his/her friends. For each new visitor, the bot will accrue TRT coins according to the referral IT-engine algorithm.

  2. Terra Rescue Tokens are distributed free of charge as referral reward.

Stage 3. Generation of pure liquidity.
The main task of the stage is the generation of net liquidity through the ArtDonation mechanism. Net liquidity refers to the BTC provided to the Terra network for free.

The idea described below does not require material resources. It only takes intellectual effort and time to create the product below.


  1. A well-known writer promises to create a product & donate to DAO TerraFederalReserve the income from the sale of the product to restore the Terra network, namely, to write a new book within 1 year from the date of acceptance of this proposal by the community.

  2. The book will be created in the real time. The frequency of publishing an e-book is 1 chapter per week.

  3. Access to the book will be paid, one time payment $10 dollars as of the day of the first chapter release. The subscription price will increase by $1 every 24 hours. Only BTC to a DAO TerraFederalReserve address on the bitcoin network will be accepted as payment.

Stage number 4. Compensation for losses.
The main task of the stage is to create a mechanism for compensating for losses.

In order to achieve the best possible development in the Future Generations LUNA-Fund, all LUNA coins that have formed in excess of the amount available on the market as of 5/6/2022 6:00: PM should be sent.

Participants advised not to send all currently available LUNA coins to Future Generations LUNA-Fund.

Participants have the right not to use access to Loss Compensation BTC-Fund assets and keep TRT tokens.


  1. With the generation of every 10,000,000 Terra Rescue Token, TRT will open access to Loss Compensation BTC-Fund assets.

  2. Anyone who has more than 10,000 TRT on the date of generation of 10,000,000 TRT will have the opportunity to recover losses from the BTC that are on the Loss Compensation BTC-Fund balance.

  3. The logic of compensation for losses.

3.1. The value of one TRT token is strictly tied to the amount of BTC generated in Loss Compensation BTC-Fund on the date of generation of the next batch of 10,000,000 TRT.

3.2. All participants who donated LUNA coins to the Future Generations LUNA-Fund are divided into 50 groups based on the number of LUNA coins donated.

3.3. The first group gets access to the Loss Compensation BTC-Fund assets first and can compensate for all their losses by burning TRT tokens. The duration of access is 24 hours.

3.4. The second group gets access to the Loss Compensation BTC-Fund assets of the second and can compensate for all their losses by burning TRT tokens. The duration of access is 24 hours.

3.5. Scenario 3.2. – 3.3. will be repeated for all 50 groups for 50 days.

3.6. Loss Compensation BTC-Fund assets may run out faster than the queue reaches the 50th group. This will serve as a motivation for participants to contribute more LUNA to the Future Generations LUNA-Fund in order to be in the first group in the next round of generating 10,000,000 TRT.

3.7. The generation of Terra Rescue Token, TRT stops when the market price of LUNA returns to the desired level of $80.59 according to Coinmarketcap. Compensation ends. Access to Loss Compensation BTC-Fund is no longer provided for loss compensation.

Loss Compensation BTC-Fund will be managed by DAO TerraFederalReserve and will be used for community development purposes.

Stage number 5. Return of LUNA coins.
The main objective of the stage is to ensure the long-term successful future of the Terra network and create favorable conditions for attracting new members to the Terra network.


1.Future Generations LUNA-Fund assets will be returned to TRT token owners that are left with the participants after the loss compensation from the Loss Compensation BTC-Fund is completed.

  1. Every year, on January 1, starting from January 1, 2025, 2% of the fund will be returned from Future Generations LUNA-Fund for 50 years. The refund will be made in proportion to the amount of TRT tokens the participant has on January 1 of each year.

  2. The last return will be made on January 1, 2075.

An extraordinary event requires an extraordinary plan.
We have talk with a writer, also have a bot for TRT tokens distribution.

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