After 8 mounth i didn't get My Airdrop!

“I Don’t understand why community flag me as a spam/scam!! I just share my problem that i have since collapse”

Hello everyone,

After 8 months of trying to contact or fix problems now, I stopped it because it was not my fault!

8 months ago before I delegated my LUNA(LUNC now) on to voting.

So we know what happens to LUNA! So then I heard ok I lost my money on luna so now I will gate airdrop new Coin LUNA.
So I had delegated on one of the popular validators so I will get airdrop like another’s.
I didn’t buy luna in crashing time so no calculating because I bought it about 3 months before crashing.
But but but I didn’t receive ANYTHING!!!
RIGHT, nothing!!
Still nothing on my mainnet on luna.
I thought maybe they have delayed distribution but no that wasn’t!

So now I have a question from this team:
Why I didn’t get Luna and where is my luna!?
If it be needed i can share my terra address for proof

Kind regards

No any answer from team or any of Developers!
So why ?