After fears of a 51% attack emerged, I moved my UST to a hot wallet in order to be ready to take action. Will I be excluded from reparations?

Eventually, after that I moved them to FTX – the first time in years I even used a CEX again . I didn’t sell, in fact I bought more as it kept falling.

Q: Will I be excluded from reparations?

I realise it’s hard to make everybody square, hopefully this post will give the people that are working towards the plan something to think about.

Maybe they will give back whoever held in exchanges too, as you know not everyone was staking it.

And since large transactions happens in exchanges they should have that in mind too

As per the proposal of Fatman , you would need to deposit the UST(up to what you had in the snapshot taken before depeg), so doesn’t matter what you did with that UST afterwards. Again all this is just a proposal at this point, no confirmation that this will happen

I have the same question as far as Luna goes. I have my original $85 LUNA tokens in, and couldn’t move them out. I hope those with tokens purchased via custodian wallet won’t get screwed.