Airdrop not arrived

I had my UST in Lemoncash (centralized) and on 5/12 I sent it to Binance.
Didn’t arrive until 26/5 (when I contacted chat support, all attempts I made before didn’t work) and now they’re telling me that I need to speak with support because they aren’t responsible for blockchain issues and they won’t give me my airdrop because my balance at snapshot was 0
Binance and Lemoncash support told me to contact Terra as they were responsible for blockchain issues and Luna airdrop distribution.

Expected Result
Expected some Luna on binance as I am eligible for airdrop

Actual Result
No airdrop recieved.

Visual Proof (screenshots, videos, text)

Here are my deposit details. I sent on 5/12 and it didn’t arrive after I wasn’t eligible for airdrop

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The truth is, centralized exchanges support staff have very little knowledge about how blockchains work. In this case, the transaction was likely complete on day 1 when you sent it. It seems the Terra network went down and then came back up before Binance recognized the deposit. The transaction was complete the moment it showed as “success” on Terra Finder, but the exchanges can take their sweet time indexing that data to show that it was successful. Many exchanges also have a minimum amount of “confirmations” they require, even though Terra transactions are final after a single block. This seems a case where Binance indexing was also down for an extended period and they did not “see” the successful tx. This is Binance’s fault, but there’s not much to be done about it but educate their support staff and ask to speak to someone more technically inclined to show them proof and hope they do the right thing. I went through something very similar with OkCoin recently. :unamused:


I see, thanks for the explanation.
But what does this mean for the actual airdrop? Which exchange is responsible for my funds?

It means that either the amount was not included in the snapshot for the Binance airdrop, or Binance received the airdrop but your amount was not indexed by them and therefore not allocated an amount. Unfortunately, you are reliant on Binance agreeing that your deposit was final at the time and that you should have received it. If they didn’t receive an airdrop for that portion or they disagree with you then you may be out of luck.

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