Airdrop on binance

Buy 110luna @ $10/1luna (Post-atk)

I have been 0.01luna (new) :sob::sob:


I feel your pain!

I put nearly 12 ETH in at $30-$1 - but thankfully, I learned through DCA not to go ALL IN - and dollar cost average my way down - I was able to buy a significant holding at 0.00000112 (literally the lowest it could go) and I’m sitting on more than double what my original holdings were in luna.

Though I’m pretty disgusted that DK didn’t even acknowledge the “family” he strung along with his tweets - I’m pretty happy I stuck to what I’ve learned in crypto and that is ALWAYS - ALWAYS - DCA!

Never “Buy 100%” at X.

This lesson wasn’t learned over night - this lesson was learned by hard losses like this one.

Hopefully you find redemption.

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it’s not fair correctly received by the amount of money invested

never buy the luna again she fooled all
with such a terrible return of tokens

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Now all the money in my account is gone. what should i do If my wife finds out, I will surely di’e.

You start over and take the lessons you learned from this - This is crypto, you can easily earn it back with $100-1000.

I turned 1k into 50k in 1 bull market.

You can do it.

I believe in you!

I’m sorry this happened to you.

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You are not alone bro)
If my wife found out that I gave her a brand new car to some boy from the east, she would cut off all the most valuable thing that I now have left))

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Thank bro. :pray:

It will take some time. Because the work I do earns quite a bit and I have children to take care of.​ So I didn’t save much money to start over…

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