All risk is the same for UST and Luna

UST holders say Luna is risky because it is a crypto asset and UST is not risky because it is a stabil coin which had to be $1. But people does not know this. UST is not USDT or BUSD or USDC. UST is algo stabil coin which backed with Luna!! If nobody buys luna how ust can be pegged? People who buy luna helps UST to peg.
So, prioritization is unacceptable. Old luna holders, new luna holders, ust holders are all equal. Crypto is all risky even it is stabil coin.

Also I have a one more question. USDT just dropped to 0,95 and some people sold their USDTS in low price and lost money… Are they crying? What is your priority as a UST holder from USDT holder?

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Hey, in stock market after the share split event, previous holders will receive a new amount of stocks that is equally in sum to restore the previous value… it’s just diluted. New holders have to accept this concept, or they need to study a little bit on how regulated market works. Also because by the end of year all countries will have a regulation about crypto sector.

This is not a split though. Its more like bankruptcy

The truth is that Luna project is over. Both Luna and ust are finished projects. What is happening now is a revival of Luna and there can’t be a revival of Luna if UST brings it down again.

The sooner we can accept that everything is gone, the sooner we can rebuilt Luna ecossystem

If you stop to think about it, the actual creditors are Luna, since Luna is what gave value to UST…

Actually just the opposite, it’s UST demand that give LUNA value,
without UST, LUNA worth nothing at first, this is why Do or LFG prioritize
UST peg before LUNA dilution, LUNA is designed and meant to dilute to absorb any volatility in UST

Please read the whitepaper before you invest a cryptocurrency.

I hope LUNA and UST holders are treated equally, somehow. I don’t know how that would work, or if it’s even reasonable. But as an uninformed stakeholder that purchased LUNA to swap to UST so I could stake it all on Anchor Protocol, I feel like they are joined at the hip.

I’m hoping that all of us that got completely rekt will find some relief in the future plans for Terra Luna.

So if LUNA is worth nothing without UST can you explain what is UST backed by? LUNA I suppose? Get your facts right… LUNA is the asset, whereas UST is just a derivative of that asset.

Without LUNA (the asset) there is no Terra. So first priority should always be to save the asset, if the asset is saved every derivative made out of that asset will be saved.

Further, once a company sells it asset to the public (LUNA), the company has no right to touch those asset leave alone minting and flooding the market with trillions of token to dilute asset holders.

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