Anchor gets shut down - Funds?

Can someone explain how to withdraw UST/aUST from Anchor since it’s about to pass the freeze proposal?

I get it that there’s mainnet and classic.
Does classic still allow withdrawls/ transfers? (I know so many people who lost coins in these transfers)

This is where I’m confused… if I send UST from terra wallet to Kucoin, Kucoin holds USTC. I know this is techinally the same coin, but it’s a different name

Will the exchange automatically accept the old and change it to a new name coin?

please help

It’s the same coin but You can do a test tx also.

I keep trying to send USTC from anchlor protocol to Kucoin and when I enter all the info, it keeps giving me the error. See the pic
I use classic, the wallet, memo, passw all correct. Plenty of funds for fees too
I tried different amount multiple times. Nothing works.

Any suggestions? please help

You can connect your wallet to and then send tokens from there.