ANCHOR Holders

We, investors that supported ANC, and invested our money in the most important pillars of Terra’s adoption and liquidation we should not left behind.

I believed in the vision, I believed in the team and went all-in not to be a yield bearer on ANC, but to just hold it because I know it will help bring more users and thus be an important cornerstone in rhe life of our ecosystem.

I held ANC during tough times, never sold it, knowing that on TA basis i was seeing the downward curve, but i wanted to support with my ANCs other investment in Terra, such as Luna.

It is unfair to leave us behind on a protocol who was been marketed everywhere as a Ponzi Scheme, while we, real investors and believers of its potentiel left behind this devaluation, yet waiting like mourners for the protocol to rest in peace.

We need a solution! A fair solution!

It is terra community. I think you are confused.

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you were obv buying volatile stake in the future of a company, now it’s down, maybe one day it’ll go up…

ust holders never meant to do that