Any Lunc & USTC revival plan?

In addition to build a new chain, can Terra team do something and lead on this?

I still have 7k UST hanging on Anchor, what a waste of money… Is there any plans how to rescue the peg at least partly so people who didn’t sell can recover some loss?


exactly , no one seems to care !
no plans for ustc or lunc , they’re being traded like a meme coin !
are they waiting for all of us to sell at 0 price and then buyback and burn ?!
no morals , no attitude from TERRA team . they’ll pay back one day , they’re just making it worse and worse . they think they can get away easily by what they have done .
it’s happened already and no one is looking to punish anyone but the way they have left this chaotic situation unmanaged is adding insult to injury .


USTC has been trading around $0.03-035 for a couple days now: so you can still get $200-250 out.

in the end what will happen to you… it will fall to a 1 satoshi

There’s an error when you try to withdraw from Terra Station (whether LUNC or USTC). This error appeared in the last few days, and it also appears when you try to unstake rewards as well.

So it looks like whoever has LUNC/USTC still in their wallet just has to hodl forever until they decide to fix the bug.

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That is why I am asking, and hope the terra team can do something on this