Are we on Decentralization Platform?

We are on a decentration platform, aren’t we? Why is Mod flagging people’s comments, following comments are just taken down in 20 sec…



Stop the shameful act…


Censorship is the best. It automatically makes the topic more interesting.
If you don’t have anything to hide. Let people have free and open discussion.


my post was also deleted,they only want to see what they want to a dictatorship


Mine too was deleted. You are on a decentralised platform when it comes to wearing losses and dealing with crashes. You are on a fully centralized platform when it comes to governance you get no say as we all noticed how it works by now.

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People are flagging the posts as spam, we just get the notifications and click agree/disagree, it’s not us flagging the posts

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Dear admin

You can just say the admin saw some “spam” and delete it

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The irony of this… The post flagging feature is a decentralized one. This allows any forum users to flag posts that are spam or harmful phishing links and have them hidden. Even if a message is false-flagged, you can still view the message, because it is not even deleted. Not only that, but the only thing preventing this “censorship” by any group of trolls that wanted to abuse it, is the forum moderators. So, you seem to have a problem with the decentralized part instead.


please can you close this topic… thank you