Avoiding a class action lawsuite

With the current plan to rolback the chain and thus redistributing the ownership of the Luna, we would create a deliberate willful theft, which would 100% lead to a class A action lawsuite against Terra.
Luna evaporated it’s value, but this was executed by the market. The current plan will harm current investors, but not by “the hand of god”, it will be Terra’s own action.

The motivation is not to create a situation that a lawsuit will be launched, potentially locking up Terra assets and this would be the real end of this ecosystem.

Simply abandon this idea, which will create a positive market impact and new investors will back up the project and prop up the value of Luna, which will help to restore UST value.


I would not mind to help to finance this class action as well as I would not mind to help finance a fair refund to all the persons who lost in this debacle

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Basically all current buyers are bailing out the older generation by offering new funds. The process is slow, but would work.

It could be interesting, but probably difficult, let s see

This is the best proposal so far and need everyone views and support