Besr Proposal I Think

Hello. I wrote and translated me proposal from other language so there may be mistakes

We all know that the LUNC blockchain was a blockchain of stablecoins, the main one of which is UST. And that was his peculiarity. Therefore, the community should preserve this feature and this functionality. This means to revive and restore the binding of UST and other stablecoins to their fiat counterparts. Without this, the Lunc blockchain will lose its peculiarity. Also , we should not mint new analogues like USTN , this will undermine the credibility of the blockchain . We need to show future investors and developers that we can recover.

The first thing to be done is to RESTORE the binding USTC=1$

How to do it?

At the moment, I often see posts on Twitter addressed to CZ Binance. Unfortunately, the community wants someone to solve their problems. I propose such a solution. It is up to the community to do this. How?

It is necessary to restore the work of the blockchain in the form it worked before the crash and, PLUS, add here the function of maintaining the USTC rate not by minting new LUNCS, but by withdrawing them from the remuneration of miners.

I’ll give you an example. Approximate calculations if the idea is interesting, let the mathematicians do the calculations.

Let’s assume the rate of 1 USTC = 0.9 $, taking 10% of the reward from the miners

1 USTC = 0.8 $ taking 20% of the reward from the miners and so on until full recovery.

— miners are not happy (but they will earn on the growth of the exchange rate and also when the binding is restored 1 USTC = 1 $ everything will be as usual

— – We will get rid of the spiral of death, Restore trust in the blockchain, and it will also serve as a protective mechanism against the fall of USTC, because if everyone knows that there is such a mechanism, then people themselves will buy USTC when falling in the hope of making money on the difference knowing that there is such a protective mechanism

With best wishes Incognito trader

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