Best language to write smart contracts for

If I want to build smart contracts for Terra, are Rust, Go, and/or AssemblyScript my choices? Which is preferred since I plan to learn from the ground up.

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CosmWasm currently only supports Rust contracts

Has anyone reached out to the GLOW devs to see if they will add Terra to their roadmap also? At the moment they are completing work on the solidity functions and working on implementing Plutus in the near future also. Their MOOC is still open to join if you want to have a look and a poke around… They are only on lesson 2 now, lesson 1 is just environment configuration and installing GLOW.
GLOW is a language that abstracts the functionality of solidity, but all of the functions are audited to be exploit proof before they are included in the library… When they also integrate Plutus then you will be able to write code that will publish contracts on EVM and ADA. The list is hopefully gonna grow. If the terra community asks them I’m sure they will work out some collab with the Lunatics that code…
I am new to Luna, it looks very lovely. GM all.