Better justice for people who invested in Luna between the 8th and 12th of May or up to the first Halt/Block

People who brought between 8th and 12th of May before we knew Luna had died (BEFORE a block went on) and was going to go on the floor and not come back…. should not get the same treatment as people who brought when they knew Luna had completely crashed for pennies.

it’s logical and fair that there is at least 3 snap shots or people up to the halt are considered as pre attack before the halt/block. No one knew that Luna was ever going to do what it has at that stage.

Reimbursement for three different snapshots or people are considered as pre attack before the block went on!


Agreed but the team doesn’t care about us


Your heads are like women’s big breasts, and investment itself is risky

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Johnson are you being sexist? I know people who Invest on peoples heads for sexist people…… no one said it wasn’t firstly. Secondly no one saw this coming and thirdly not sure if your blindsided by breast…. but I am talking about the compensation Element differing from people that invested after a particular snapshot. No one mentioned about investing.

I commented from a neutral perspective. Investment itself is risky. If the investment is successful and makes money, won’t you give it to others?

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