Better Proposal than Going Forward Proposal

Leave LUNA as it is and stop support for UST.

The free market economics of decentralized marketplace will uplift the price in future.


Just keep the Luna as it is, get rid of UST and let the ecosystem thrive again.

Redistribution according to going forward proposal risk several lawsuits for all parties involved.

Redominate Luna if you want and leave it to the free market economics

I dont not like the idea of distribution through snapshot because:

  1. The whales who sold and made a profit would again get reimbursed. They would most certainly repeat the cycle.

  2. You need to honor free market economics here. Those who sold, it was their choice. You lost trust you lose.

  3. If you say people lost their life-savings for the coin, I could say People invested their life savings trying to save the coin.

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