Binance CEO's Question Is Also Our Question

[Zhao Changpeng said the Terra fork will not bring any value to the new chain, and questioned the destination of the reserve BTC]
Regarding the Terra plan to fork, Zhao Changpeng said that the fork will not give any value to the new chain, that is wishful thinking. No one can cancel all transactions after the old snapshot, both on-chain and off-chain (exchanges). In addition, Zhao Changpeng questioned where all the BTCs that should be used as reserves were, and asked shouldn’t they be used to buy back UST first? Earlier, Do Kwon proposed rebuilding Terra and announced plans to issue 1 billion new LUNA tokens.

针对Terra计划进行分叉,赵长鹏表示,分叉不会给新链任何价值,那是一厢情愿。没有人能在旧快照之后取消所有交易,包括链上和链下(交易所)。此外,赵长鹏质疑应该用作储备的所有BTC在哪里,并反问那些BTC不应该都用来先回购UST吗?此前消息,Do Kwon提议重建Terra并公布发行10亿新LUNA代币方案。


Obviously new fork has value. Community has value and projects have value.

For Christ’s sake, even ETH is a fork of ETC.

With only few investors left there will be no new value


must be considered. waiting for clarification


LFG loaned 1.5 bil of BTC 5 days ago…Has this loaned btc been called back? Where is it now?

"4/ As a result, the LFG Council has voted to execute the following:

  • Loan $750M worth of BTC to OTC trading firms to help protect the UST peg.

  • Loan 750M UST to accumulate BTC as market conditions normalize."