Binance’s CEO speaks out on Terra’s rebrand after its epic stablecoin collapse. ‘I have never spoken to Do Kwon directly’

We, as one of the largest exchanges, have a large number of users who have this coin. We still need to take care of those users. And the best way is actually to provide liquidity for the new coin, because the new one is going to replace the old one. The old one is going to become worthless. There’s no more utility to it. So we still need to provide continuity of the liquidity. For that reason, we still have to list it, even though it’s not a brand-new coin that we want to list. It’s not an ideal situation, but considering all the user interest in mind, we still have to list it. There are people who may still want to buy it—I hope given all this news that’s out there, they are aware of the risks. We have put up very strong risk warnings, we sent emails to users, and we’ve tried to do as much as we can to educate the new users about the risks. I hope that people who are buying know what the risks involved are.

According to CZ LUNC is worthless…


Is bitcoin useful? Enter a permanent burn tax of 0.1%-1% and the price of the token will start to skyrocket.


LFG was born to protect UST , what is it doing now?

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Of course the lunc is worth nothing, do you realize the situation? There is no one left on the project, novices find it difficult to understand, but since the luna 2.0 has been created, no one on this earth is working on the lunc anymore, the project is abandoned, it remains on the exchanges just for the exchanges take advantage of the transaction fees of some monkeys who trade on the lunc. As usual, geniuses take money and monkeys lose money. Remove the speculators and the cap market is at 0 $.