Binance suggested Terra is a "safe investment" - you are entitled to compensation

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If they don’t want to cooperate voluntarily a lawsuit could make them do it.

Community could apply pressure to get Binance to contribute to a rescue plan. They have a moral responsibility after shilling Terra as “safe investment”.


Agreed. They should start burning just like Mexc.


For those that can’t read the article since it’s behind a paywall, here are some highlights:


I absolutely agree. Personally, in my situation, it was binance that promised a “safe and reliable deposit”. What Terra promised binance is another matter.

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Thanks for posting this! It seems the Brazilian Exchange was ahead of them and realized it would be less expensive, and better customer retention than to screw their customers.

Once Binance reconstitutes their customers 1-for-1, the rest of the CEXs have to follow.

Finally some journalism to expose what is going on here.


Burning happening already?

Полностью поддерживают автора и всех комментаторов! Давайте раскачаем эту тему и раскачаем binance на восстановление ust:busd 1:1

Same for me. Never really trusted anchor, but when Binance offered locked staking products I converted some funds over to UST to max out what I could put into earn, because I trust Binance

Well that turned out to be a bad decision lol

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La seule façon de sauver luna est que Do Kwon s’assoccie🤝 avec CZ ou🤝 avec Vitalik

If Binance has a local office in your Country then you can definitely file a case there otherwise you’ll need to file a case in Cayman Islands and Seychelles, where they are registered and that will be tough to win.