Bridging UST to Ethereum Forks (Pulsechain)

There are plans to fork Ethereum to Pulsechain.
I don’t know how complicated the process is, but it might be a good opportunity to provide access to stable coins for this chain and have more across chain use of UST.

Oops I made a duplicate thread on this. Since Pulse Chain will have the current state of ETH I suspect getting the bridge to work and the arb’ing wont be too hard? One issue is if USDC and USDT loose peg what do you arb against?

PulseChain is centralized crap from a scammer that earlier made Hex, a ponzi.

More info: (scroll up and read all)

The Terra team and wider community shouldn’t be wasting time on this.

Richards not a scammer, and everyone has made money on HEX. Who do you know thats a ‘victim’ of his "scams’?

Its also not a ponzi because the yield on staking comes from inflation not new entrants money (Hmmm sounds like Anchor and PoS yield doesn’t it?). Also, Pulse is no more centralized than BSC and Eric Wall is not a source or an authority on anything except how to not make money.

There is likely going to be a huge demand for stables to provide liquidity. There was over a billion dollars sacrificed and everyone is getting a copy of all erc20’s in their Metamask wallets.
If all it takes is redirecting a bridge to be able to allow another use case for UST, I don’t see why it shouldn’t be done.