BUILDING A FREEDOMFUND(Save and Rebuild Terra By All Participants)

We can set up a free fund. We can refer to a previous project called “radar currency” in China. The fund can be held by anyone willing to participate in the world. It is equivalent to a fund like the world bank, and people all over the world can participate in it. However, inflation must be set within a reasonable range, the maximum investment amount of each family must be limited, and the income ratio will decline in a ladder according to the size of funds, which can also narrow the gap between the rich and the poor in the world. At the same time, all participants can benefit from the regeneration of the whole system. After all, this system is already known all over the world, and it may be impossible to build such a system at how much money. The rebirth of the system will be amazing and can create far more value than it is now. Because I firmly believe that the future world is free and belongs to all mankind, and the value created by business belongs to all participants.

This money can be the rebirth of Terra and build a more powerful system. The assumption of this fund: if people all over the world are willing to put their funds into a savings pool, in the normal operation of the economy, even if there is an economic and financial crisis, all people will be a whole. The pool is large enough and will not be evacuated, because the funds needed to maintain everyone’s normal life are often limited. This is also the bottom logic of today’s financial crisis. Everyone has taken far more money from the pool than they need for their normal life, and inflation is too high. When a crisis occurs, we need to set a ceiling on the withdrawal of funds. In order to avoid the outbreak of a real crisis.

True greatness is to redeem the past and create the future. Having the future can make up for the past. This is indeed a great opportunity to create a fund belonging to the people of the world, avoid all emergencies in the future, and hand over the financial rights to all participants. This is the vision of Web3 and the vision of the people of the world.

We should sympathize with or compensate Luna’s early and late investors, but we should protect ust holders, because ust holders are not serious speculators. Speculation is inevitable in the market, but people should recognize the significant risk of excessive speculation. The holders of Luna should be graded. They should be compensated before problems occur, and also for speculation in the later stage, but they need to wait. They can be compensated from the profits of fund or system reconstruction I mentioned earlier. The holders of ust are also graded: the first holders of ust firmly believe that this is a stable currency, its price is stable, and there is no speculation, which is the greatest support for the system; The later holders have speculation, but they also believe that it will stabilize the currency and the price is stable, which is also the support for the system. Our initial vision is not: a decentralized economy needs decentralized money $UST.

We need a FreedomFund that belongs to people all over the world From these two days, the transaction volume between Luna and ust is enough to show that the establishment of an ustdao is enough to restart the system and develop more powerful.