Building on Anchor Protocol

Good day everyone, I am an investment manager in lower Africa and I’m looking to offer my clients access to Anchor protocol. I want to offer it to them as an investment product and I’m not sure who I can speak to with regards to this?

I see it as a brilliant way to onboard more FIAT currency into the ecosystem and start getting real-world adoption of the #Anchor savings rate.

Please let me know your thoughts and who I can speak to!

What help do you need? You should be able to do this today, anyone can deposit into Anchor.

Thank you for your response, so the clients won’t be able to allocate capital themselves as crypto is still very new here, but we want to build a UI where users can onboard their FIAT and then on the backend we will purchase the UST and allocate to Anchor protocol.

So my question is:

  • Is there a simpler way to purchase UST (Maybe through an API) instead of going through exchanges every time?
  • Could we as a firm take a % cut for offering the UI and advice etc. to customers?


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That makes sense! is one of our partners that has an API for onboarding fiat to UST, this is probably what I would recommend. Currently not available in the states but they said they’re working on it.

you can absolutely take a cut, this is what products like and are doing.

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