Burn Luna Classic to Receive New Luna 6000:1 Ratio

Allow us to receive 1 New Luna by burning 6000 Luna Classic. The ratio is just a guess. You get the idea. 6 trillion Luna Classic burned would create 1 billion New Luna tokens.

Is this possible?

This would be the best of both worlds. Ecosystem gets the Fork. Classic gets the burn everyone wants.


The truth is

Luna Classic is an abandoned project. USDT is a lost cause

It’s just the new LUNA they are interested in. There is no need for proposals as they had already decided on the day it crashed


The new Luna is just another deceitful trick


It doesn’t matter what they want or prefer LUNA over Classic… at the end of the day it’s all about community and who they want to support.

He went all poetic with these names (luna, terra, agora, etc.) and now he proposes this lame shitty Luna Classic name lol
New Luna should actually be called Sun, as its purpose would be to shed light and fire on earth and moon and burn them, and slowly we’ll build the whole solar system :joy:


From what I understand it is not possible to burn Luna (classic) unless people voluntarily burn their own tokens. Which is never going to happen unless it’s incentivized somehow.

I was thinking about the way Luna and UST. You burn one to get the other.

There has to be some way we can burn the Luna Classic as we Receive(mint?) the new Luna v2?

This seems like the only way to burn the excess Luna Classic!

Do Terra and the LFG still hold LUNC?

1,85b ust too in site.

Make a fund, let say x% apy

Use it to buy ust, at a negotiated price. Let say 25-75% of $1, it is a bad debt now.

Pay back that fund with the tax under trades of LUNC and UST.

Some fund to hire new leader, CEO, engineers, economists, admin.

It should be 5-10 years to close down that special purpose fund.

But you get money to run Lunc and Ustc again.

Of course this time, Ustc will increase the real asset portion to back up. Mix between peg and float, tune it to the optimal level. And a number of measure to prevent attack.

Inviting more people from the existing community to develop the chain. Apply all good governance and transparency. Remove bad leaders.

Community win. Investors bringing in money win.

It is a typical way some countries survived currency attack in the past.

fair enough