Burn or fork (dream of a kingdom)

Make no mistake. This is a post to discuss whether to burn or fork. These two approaches are at the forefront of all proposals to save (or destroy if you want) LUNA and UST and the entire Terra ecosystem. One of them should be chosen and then the process elaborated in public discussion. This is my contribution to the discussion.

I had a dream.

I felt like I was living in the Middle Ages. In some kind of crypto kingdom. My all-powerful king rules with a firm hand over the entire land he created. Everyone respected and praised him.

In the very beginning, it was just a wasteland without people or life. The king came to the wilderness and said - look, here will be our kingdom - and began to entice other people to follow him, to bring gifts and work together to make the new kingdom flourish. The first years were very successful. The kingdom grew richer and his serfs with it. What did it matter that the king and a select few ruled over everyone when everyone was well off.

As it should be in a proper feudal kingdom, all the people were divided into castes - the king, 130 chosen ones and millions of serfs. Roles were distributed. Some ruled and others served and brought gifts. The serfs were of little interest to the king. Why should he care? They’d already done their part, so there was no need to have mercy on them. But those who came to the new land with the king, or soon after his arrival, were the more equal of equals. They had minor privileges. It was such a beautiful prosperous feudal estate.

But one day the perfect storm came and the whole kingdom was in ruins, burnt to cinders. Everyone started arguing loudly about who caused it and how to survive the days that followed. For the serfs had lost all their savings. What did the king and his chosen do? They left millions of serfs to their own devices and went in search of a new kingdom. They said no one noticed what happened and it would allow them to build a new kingdom from nothing. They said it was so easy to convince millions more to bring you gifts and work for you. Most of the serfs wanted to restore the strength of their current kingdom, but the king was already determined.

The king said he would print new money and give it to his chosen ones who had the majority of votes in his royal council, and he would also give some to his most loyal serfs. For their sake, the king decided to keep the new money in his treasury for several years to keep it safe.

Then I woke up and I don’t know what happened. Do you?

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Small edit: During the perfect storm, when kingdom was attacked, King gave call to all the people around his kingdom for help with the promise of equality. These new people/serfs came in to save the kingdom with whatever they have. Next day while moving away to new kingdom, king is throwing peanuts(10%) to 10000000’s of people who came to save the kingdom. I doubt, if they distribute those penuts, if any new person will get even 1 peanut.