Burn tax questions?

I’m pretty new here and I obviously don’t hold as much as some of you…but I’d like to ask the community a question. I’ve used the general section hope this ok?

Anyhow the last time any real excitement or price action was seen was with the 1.2 burn tax correct? The hype was massive (got me to buy some anyway :D) staking was also a hype factor.

I remember that it landed for like a few weeks then it was pulled back to 0.2.

The reasons at the time were reduced volume and it scared Dapps away. Fair enough. I can see that.

Only problem I see as a simpleton who isn’t technically minded (I’m better at money/sales stuff) is that after reducing to 0.2% volume continued to decrease as does mark cap and overall price.

The most notable thing I can think of is terraport (and that’s famous for all the wrong reasons). A casino who (bless their efforts) don’t really burn much at all. Cremation is doing ok to be fair to the guys.

As a salesman we have a loss leader that isn’t really performing.

Wouldn’t it be simple to test a higher burn tax over 60/90 day period? 0.6 or 1.2% again, hell even a 2.5%.

We have nothing notable yet, no apps, no price, lower volume. We have excellent things in the pipeline but time is not our friend as people get bored.

So I’m lead to believe the certain things can whitelisted and exempt from tax etc (correct me if I’m wrong).

So my question is while nothing is happening and everything is looking rubbish why are we not testing a higher tax on chain to gain the sales data also whitelisting anything from the on chain tax if anything actually comes on in next 60/90 days?

Thanks all

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Because LUNC got taken over by anti-taxxers who want utility burns which so far haven’t appeared in 6 months of low volumes, low burns and little utility, and crashing prices. They won’t admit their mistakes though. I’m trying to gain community support for a return to the 1.2% burn tax and once again pushing for off-chain burns to burn the supply (and not giving up after 3 weeks on-chain like last time!), you can see my plan here: Final Vision Plan for LUNC to $1+. Regards.

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I nearly delegated to you yesterday actually. Why cant we just give the 1.2% tax 60 days to gain data?

We have enough data on the 0.2% but surely we need to understand our market and what they want? Because looking right now we havent even come close to volume and hype of the 1.2%.

Then we simply whitelist apps and supportive CEXs from the tax. It also gives other CEXs more reason to support us as other CEXs will have the upper hand when trading.

I just can’t understand why. We have the tools do some tests.