Burning cannot be efficient

Buying and burning tokens will not have the desired effect. And it may take years.
Billions of tokens will still speculatively remain in wallets in anticipation of growth.
And you need to leave them only 1 billion.
Therefore, only a plug and exchange of old for new ~ 7000: 1

As for the holders of tokens before the collapse of the system, no one prevented them from averaging their positions when the ship went to the bottom.
The one who at that time was trying to keep him afloat risked much more than they did.
Therefore, with their tears, they can go to a psychiatrist … maybe he will console them)
This is a crypto market, and this can be the case with any asset.
You should not put on a crown and consider yourself an investor, and the rest are speculators)

You can also combine … first, buy out the excess amount as much as possible by connecting exchange robots to keep the cost low, and then make a fork and make an exchange.
This may be more beneficial for all holders.

As for the stablecoin, only the analysis of all transactions and the return of funds spent on its purchase 1:1 will help, regardless of the value of the asset at the time of purchase.
If the buyer spent $1 to buy one stablecoin, then he will receive $1… if he spent $1 and received three stablecoins, then he will receive his dollar, but not 3.
The task is almost impossible.

And dismantling other speculations is even more difficult.

Sorry, I’m writing through a translator)

So whoever held 20 or 30 luna should get 0.00000somthing luna? Lol

Marketcap and price is not just a function of X x Y. Its much more complex. If people are pulling billions of luna and sitting on it, that will have a similar effect as the burn. Buying $1.2bn of luna and burning it doesnt mean the market cap will go up by $1.2bn. The effect could be much greater depending on CEX supply dynamics and other buyers. There really isnt another viable solution. If we payout UST holders at a 90% discount the network is gone. If we fork, the network is gone. We need to use the reserve to buy and burn, announce the plan publicly to get others to try to front run the buys, make a community burn address and add a burn fee to every transaction. If we can keep terra as a functioning chain and decouple UST and Terra, we have a shot at paying back UST holders in full over time. I know there is a lot of debate over if UST is debt or not, but in this situation i think we can treat all current UST holders as debt moving forward and establish a pool to pay them over time using fees and community contributions.


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And what would be the purpose of this proposal ? It is completely useless. Instead of having trillions of coins, you will have billions. So what ? Nobody will win anything. Everyone will still be with the same losses. The network is generating profits and in order to repay the losses the investors made by hyperinflating the coin and regain trust in the network, the network needs to use part of the profits that are made to compensate for those losses. Introdocuing an extra tax on the fees will also help. Stop talking about forking and a new Luna coin. This is not needed.

Buy and Burn is just one part. Burn on every transaction is the main. They could have burned 150 bill luna every day just on transactions.

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They’re letting the problem become even more unsavable by wasting time on purpose, so they can steal innocent people’s money invested in these days.

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Whoever has 20-30 coins will get 0.0028…)
Because this is the only way to return to the original emission
No one bothered you to average out, increasing the volume, and not to watch your ship sink and others save it.
This is a crypto market… and everyone is trying to buy at the lowest price. Who bought on highs is his own doctor)
You bought a risky asset and decided how much to pay for it.
1 bitcoin for 1 dollar is no different from the same for 62000)
although its supply is limited.