Can a good trader recover the BTC?

If everything is lost anyway, a part from 300 BTC, isn’t it possible to speculate, use leverage and try to rebuild the reserve to make gains in USDT and then use USDT to compensate. They could lose it all but we are anyway done, can’t go much worse.

We can ask a good funds to do that and they can keep a large fee of course.

Not possible?

Why not… I mean the whole Terra thing was just one big gamble anyway. Why not buy lottery tickets with the 300 BTC too

One thing I learned watching crypto twitter is that… there is no such thing as a good trader who consistently can beat the market. I expect something like this to happen:

If we were making a huge gamble why not… but I guess burning or trying anything would probably be a little better than that :thinking:

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Their is something wrong it seems luna whales finally left
Better if 1 billion luna plan is still according to current condition of luna we still have more plans left

Great idea! We could short luna with them! Oh wait its too late.