Can a snapshot be granted to locked/farming/vesting UST? As within Mirror, Pylon etc?

At the time of the attack, a significant portion of UST and aUST was locked in smart contracts and not in users wallets. Meanwhile many users withdrew what they could from these protocols back into their wallets. Clarity should be put forward concerning the recommended actions to be taken by users.

Users should be informed about the option between keeping versus withdrawing their UST/aUST from protocols like Mirror, Pylon etc.

LFG should inform if they are able to track users UST when not present in their wallets during the attack.

they dont plan to snapshot UST. before the attack… Just get your UST on your terra wallet the 27 may

But if they don’t snaphot UST, how are they going to know who were the UST holders? Would that mean that we should now buy UST to speculate in receiving more than what we would lose? Doesn’t seem to fair… They must find a way to know who was holding what before the attack, but they should also find ways to account for that UST/aUST staked outside users wallets/Anchor.