Can anyone explain in plain english what Terra is?

I know its a cryptocurrency and that is about it.

Nothing I see here or on the official website explains what it is in laymans terms that clearly states what it does.

There also seems to be no clear onboarding process like Elrond and other crypto websites have.

Check out this playlist, which should do that and more :slight_smile:

In regards to onboarding with native assets, even in US there are a handful of ways now: Kash, Kado, Alice, BinanceUS, Kraken, OKcoin,, etc. Not to mention all the options the rest of the world has. Check Anchor Protocol and select Buy UST at the top right for some more options.

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Thank you,

I find the official website confusing, when I meant onboarding I meant onto their official DeFi platform.

The official website makes it look like they dont have one, there is no link to on their page which is a bit puzzling since other cryptos do spell that sort of stuff out a lot more

Luckily the video you put up has links to in the videos description. Which is a bit of an odd way to have to find it.

If you click on the Learn dropdown on the website then you will see a guide to get started, a guide to using the wallet, as well as links to download everything you need.

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