Can not exchange the ANC to UST in terra station wallte

Dear brothers
I am sorry need you help .I want to exchange the ANC to ust in terra station wallte. but alarm"Insufficient balance to pay transaction fee". what can i do for the next step?


hey, you need to have enough ust (or luna) in your wallet to pay the transaction fee

bad news, So it means I can not pay for the fee with anc? and I also need to order the ust from someone?

not possible to pay the fee with anc, no.
if you want - send me your public wallet address, i’ll send you a few ust

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Thanks. brothers

sent :+1:

got it. thanks very much.If I exchange the anc to ust before 4:00. Can I have airdrop?

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yes, you still have time, but not much, snapshot is at block 7790000.
current block is 7789603, you can see current block here

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i have a similar problem but the chain is blocked…i can t move anything…how can i do?