Change Dev team contract from 3 months to 6 months

I am Proposing we change from quarterly to 6 month contracts for the Dev team.

This would provide alot more security for the Dev team and ease alot of stress caused by having a very short window of employment, alternately this then allows the Dev team to do a alot more work within the 6 months and allows for proper scrutiny of work done, rather than scrutinizing work done in a short period of time.

Change of contract from 3 months to 6 to allow more in depth work to be done.

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They should be paid daily if possible. After what I am hearing with my own ears.


Agree with you, but also they should paid in LunC

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They are paid in LUNC from CP

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If Zaradars contract was 6 months, we would have been stuck with this clown for another 3… if anything, we should change the payouts to shorter periods.
No work = no pay
Still I think the issues we had recently are purely personal. We simply need to put in people who believe in the chain.

We simply dont need some abstract visions of machine to machine AI coin managed by the senate and a Cayman based DAO costing 250k+ per quarter.


This proposal is for all devs and team members, The Zaradar stuff needs put to bed and this proposal isn’t about him, its about giving the development team whom ever that is more job security, 3 months work isn’t alot to show, where as if we gave Devs 6 months that, then allows for a good chunk of work to be done and gives us more to look over and scrutinize, so far only foundations have been placed and aren’t even set in yet, i believe we should allow more time for who ever works on it next.

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Perfect , that will be good :+1:

I appreciate the sentiment here. Most employment contracts are typically a minimum of 6 months. The only challenge here is one of funding. If TGF receives the Binance recovery program grant that they have applied for, then perhaps being funded for 6 months or even 12 months is feasible.

Another option, if we provided a 6-month contract would be to have two pre-planned community proposal spend requests, one at the beginning of the quarter, and another at the beginning of the following quarter. The community proposals would not need to contain the details of the work to be completed, but would reference the original contract, and would simply be the transfer of funding for the quarter. As more dapps arrive on-chain, (with more volume) hopefully the community pool funding will be much more sustainable for ongoing development efforts, as well as other community initiatives.

The only additional challenge for the 6 month contract that would need to be discussed / decided how to handle is that schedules are always easier to develop with accuracy within 1-3 month increments. The further you get from present date (i.e. 5 months away) the less accurate the work will be. Perhaps there is a way to address this to provide some level of flexibility during the latter portions of the contract for the work to be completed.