Clarify gouvernance


I don’t know if this is the good place for that, but I wanted to share a bad experience on the gouvernance process and discuss a way to clarify the way to deposit / vote and maybe changing . (I post a message in discord but didn’t have a answer)

I’m a big fan of terra’s ecosystem and 2 weeks ago, I wanted to participate to the progress of the system and I see a proposal for add 2 GA on Terra station.
: I understand there is 2 steps for governance :

  • 1 deposit - need 512 LUNA to pass to step 2
  • 2 vote
    "I’d looking for informations for this process and my research bring me to a thread on Twitter that : funds are returned, except that the proposition go in vote and there is a ‘no for Veto’. "

In step 1 for my case, I’ve deposited funds but there isn’t enough funds for crossing step 2(50 vs 512 required). The proposal (n°46) vanished at the end of the dead line. But my deposit didn’t returned.

My purpose is that the process isn’t very clear and I didn’t find official informations for the step one, and for ‘little contributors’ there is a high risk to loose your funds (in my case 50LUNA, a big amount for me) and that’s not encouraging little contributors to participate to ‘gouvernance’.

Don’t know if I was clear and how improve this process. But I think that many people don’t know the risks and how they can contribute to the ecosystem in the good way.

With pleasure to discuss about it.

Thanks for your time.