Community-Driven Proposal Selection for a Scammer-Free Forum

Implement a voting system on the forum to determine which proposals should be submitted for voting on the site. This would give the community a say in which proposals are worthy of consideration.

And also we can avoid all those Scams proposals from fake sites


Anyone can put up a proposal on Station.
Agora is a forum for discussion.

Sorry for the delay ,timer on comments !

There are a lot of proposals who scams peopel with hidden links .
Are you ok when a new investor joins lunc ,and gets scammed from the fake airdrops etc ?
Needs to filter the proposals ,Should be first voted here as a verification that its legit then posted on terra station for final voting !

Measures were taken to reduce scammy props already. people should educate themselves enough to the point they can identify scamming attempts. And validators should veto those (that’s what veto is for, not for bickering each other props anyway)

When you create something, it’s important to consider the lowest common denominator. This means creating measures to protect even the most inexperienced or naive users. By doing so, you can ensure that your creation is accessible and beneficial to everyone, rather than just a select few. Failure to do so could lead to scams and negative feedback, ultimately hurting the success of your project.

It’s important to maintain a democratic process with rules in place to protect the integrity of your creation. This protects not only the project itself but also its users and investors. For example, imagine a game like Warzone that allowed cheating. How many players would continue playing if the game wasn’t fairly regulated?

By implementing measures to protect the community and ensuring a fair and transparent process, you can help create a more successful and sustainable project in the long run.

hi, how will the validator vote in agora? and howto let everyone know/accept that they hvto vote twice?

i dont see the benefits enough for this. even if we manage to iron out most of the issues, it will only make it harder for people to put up prop and also those who vote.

we cant protect ‘them’ 100%, they hvto learn and dyor. as they will fall for other scams even if they are safe here.

its not a final vote to pass ,Take it as 2FA . !
Lets say me,i posting my proposals people sees its legit and i m not trying to scam people with it and after a 2fa vote . i can post it on Terra Station for voting .validators will see it and decide

Lets say a scammer does a proposal.
Uses his or her friends (alt accounts) and flags as it as A-OK.

Same thing.

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on that you are right ! i just wanted to give an idea as a 2fa safety on proposals !

If you have an idea to security the proposals from people been scammed i ll support you !

Best security is informed investor.
Just as you wouldn’t go driving a car without proper education, you wouldn’t go investing or clicking suspicious links that ask for personal information.

Basic steps.