Community Fork

After seeing the votes and reading too many proposals, It is hard to see decentralization as the centralized approach. Sometimes people are pointing the votes are rigged. Because it doesn’t match voting in the forum and the voted with wallets. Now, we are not solving the problem, we are creating a mess of problems one another. The trust in the Luna team is gone…

First of all, UST pegging problem is responsible for Luna Team, not the community and people bailed out and sell off to recoup the loss. Because of trust issues, this is the price we are setting. It is not right or wrong at the price. The problem is the trust issue with the team, since they have promised to peg as $1, they have to give them back with your reserved. They have no right to decide to reserve with BTCs, and what they did is wrong, and they cannot figure out where all reserve things have gone…

Master of Stable coin, Do Kwon and team have to take responsibility to pay for pegging of UST, period. The whole team cannot get away with another fork, and whatsoever. If they don’t take accountability for it, then who gonna trust the ecosystem.

Another one is, can we trust these validators who are taking huge vote powers to fork against community decisions too? will that be called community fork when it is against community fork? Will they turn off the classic nodes after the forks later? To me, I cannot trust validators who go against with community’s will.

Well, We can NOT propose like communists to give back after investors lost in trading. We all know the risk. Invest only what you can efforts to lose, but Do Kwon and his company had the pegging ecosystem, the system have to give UST as $1 100% refund no matter what happened. He and his team have to face a lawsuit. In the Proposal, I will mention what we can do.

We must need community validators to fork on the same date they fork with our own validators. So these one-sided validators cannot turn off the chain after some time. Our trust issues have been broken, in order to save the chain, we need to keep it as it is.

We would like to invite core members with ethics who are against this untrustworthy proposal decision against the community. We can appoint these as lead ecosystem designers to design what the community needs, not the other way around, and if you are core members who knew what when wrong inside, you will give forgiven at the lawsuit and be protected.

With the fork, and airdrops later, we will layout the clear terms with defined timelines as

  1. Lawsuit funding for Do Kwon and his team who are responsible for the reserve
  2. Burning the Coins based on USTs / Luna
  3. Transition fees will give back shares to those who lost at USTs if the lawsuit doesn’t win, even if they win the lawsuit, we will give 100% back, backed by new transition tax fees.
  4. and more you can propose on the real classic of community fork…

We need to protect the community… We don’t need a centralization group of people who shut down the validators node last time… We can only rely on the community node with the public ledger.


UST is the property of those who own it. Zeroing and eliminating this token is theft. No one has the right to take and take away tokens - at will and by their own decision.

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The nodes that choose the fork are all bought! You suck! Money is important but justice is too! Thanks to all the nodes who choose to put an end to this madness with a vetoed no! Is there any knot on the side of the community? Or are you all for the centralized dictatorship? End the madness! No with veto! Make the choice really decentralized! The community wants the burn!


Well validators misused the trust of stacking holders, the more stack they have in the balance, they got more voting power, which is like double screwed for stackers, and the validators used community stacking funds to vote for their favor, which doesn’t align with the community.

Hey guys, this proposal is live again on Terra station, let’s vote together to make this proposal happen. It is has about 60 millions votes so far, if we join together we are able to make it pass. I leave the link so you can vote on. Terra Station

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I think you missed one point. Staking js now disabled, only about 350M coins can vote, the remaining 6 trillion + coins cannot vote, UST holders cannot vote.
Those 350 million Luna are now worthless and they want a come back and forking is their best chance.

This is not like ETH fork where the attacker got ethereum illegally, while holders Luna and UST post attack have legally bought the them.

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So could you explain why validators votes have more power weight at voting even stacking is disable? And still people can vote with newly created wallets, it doesn’t lock at all. I know how ETH fork, I was there when I started exploring in the crypto…