Community Grant Proposal to create ‘LunaFest’

We are after feedback ahead of a governance vote:


Our plan for LunaFest is to create an annual event powered by the Terra Luna Blockchain giving unique opportunities for the crypto community to gather, share ideas, have fun and most importantly help to onboard and embrace the non-crypto community!

LunaFest will be focused on live bands, world class DJ’s and entertainment, and will feature exclusive opportunities to learn about cutting edge decentralised technologies within the Terra Luna and wider ecosystems.

Aside from the main stage and arena the Crypto and Blockchain Zone will provide festival goers the chance to immerse themselves in cutting edge ideas, use-cases and experience artists showcasing NFT’s.

An additional focus of the festival is to provide an experimental incubator ecosystem, whereby crypto is the currency of choice for artists, performers, traders, suppliers and attendees. This will be a festival with UST transactions right at the core!

We have capacity to host thousands of LUNAtics, crypto enthusiasts and onboard hundreds of non-natives at the event – expanding our ecosystem even further. Above all LunaFest brings together the smartest minds in the industry for 3 days & nights of fun!


The first major festival will be a 3 day/night event held during 2023 in the UK, hosting thousands of guests in the grounds of Stapleford Park Hotel, a stunning British stately home.

We plan to host one major event per year, with profits from the previous year scaling the offering up each time and through this for LunaFest to become a valuable part of the crypto calendar.

The aim is to provide mutual support to and work alongside the TeFi Alpha team, offering a wide-scale music event, and like them, working to onboard non-natives into our crypto community.


We are looking to the Luna community for funding, not to pay for the event but to operate as a yield bearing provider through Anchor protocol, which will allow us the seed capital to pay festival deposits, apply for licensing and planning costs, staffing / advisory roles and travel expenses.
To achieve this we’re applying to the community for 1.9M UST to be locked in a multi-sit wallet, essentially serving as an endowment income for LunaFest establishment.

EDIT 28/12/2022 following discussions with Amani at TFL we propose we will lock the funds in a secure multi-sig wallet where the team do not have access (proposed signers @TheRyanLion @iii_OIO_iii @OriginalRocka) to only provide the yield for proposed costs outlined below.

The festival will ultimately be self-funded via ticket sales, protocol donations and sponsorship to which early interest has been significant.

We plan on initially running 3 festivals over three years, concluding in a community input voting event to determine the direction / continuation of LunaFest. If LunaFest concludes, the original endowment principal will be returned - in full - to either the community fund or voted to be directed to charity funding through an entity such as Angel Protocol or a combination of both. Whatever the direction, this will be entirely down to you the voters. We believe this model makes this truly your festival!

LunaFest will remain a non-profit organisation, so all revenues generated will be spent on future festivals. Residual funds from each festival will be locked within multisig wallets for subsequent events.

Headline forecasts

First event costs over next 18 months:

· Staffing (2 full time, 4 part time) 255,000 UST
· Venue deposit: 100,000 UST*
· Site Builder: Planning / Legal etc 40,000 UST*
· Media / Creative & Commercial 100,000 UST
· Artist & Keynote speakers 55,000 UST*
· Travel: 3,000 UST
· Office expenditure & expenses 10,000 UST

Total: 563,000 UST (GBP equivalent).

Endowment income 1/22 to 6/23 570,000 UST

Surplus for contingency planning 7,000 UST

*Deposits refunded from revenue generated from ticket sales in year 1.

Festival Forecast Income Generation

Market research and community polling suggests 495 UST is a reasonable entry price.

1950 tickets purchased at face value = 965,250 UST
30 VIP stay in house @ 4999 UST = 149,970 UST
100 Luxury Glamping (VIP events) @ 999 UST = 99,900 UST
Advertising and sponsorship = 60,000 UST
Total Revenue 1,275,120 UST
All festival goers will have the flexibility to pay with fiat currency, which will then be converted to UST.

The Team

LunaFest has compiled a group of experienced and dedicated team-members, with a wide range of skills necessary to execute such an event.

Full Time

Ian Kerr / @IanLunaFest – 20 years experience in the events industry, founding and operating a globally recognised market-leading hospitality brand.

Andy Raisen / @Andre_Luna_Moon – Sales and Marketing professional for over 20 years. NFT artist and community engagement expert.

Part Time

Stu McCardle / @Stuperhuman – Creative & Media Lead, Film & Documentary maker - helping to make LunaFest a commercial success, from teaser videos to long form promotional content & live streaming.

Roger Davies – Technical lead / Advisor / Block Producer / Validator - 25+ years career as an internet consultant and web app agency CEO, Meetup group OG/coordinator and inventor of decentralised keywords on a layer 1 blockchain.

Harrison Bloor - Commercial & Growth - Supporting LunaFest in partnering with the biggest and most recognised brands.

Accountant. TBC. Managing all things financial and accountable.


Ryan Olah / @OriginalRocka - Crypto events specialist, TeFi Alpha team member. 20 years experience in festival events, planning, and production.

Trevor Ogata / @TwiceInABluMoon – Ticketing and event logistics for TeFi Alpha. TIX Protocol Founder and member of Angel Protocol’s core team.

Chris Coleman - Business and Finance expert. Career in banking, fundraising and as an NED / Consultant for fintech businesses.

Sarah Main - Artist consultant, Pacha resident DJ, NFT artist and all round Luna enthusiast.

Edit 19/12/2021 - Additional link to our Twitter Spaces “Meet the Team & AMA” 19/12/2021 LunaFest Introduction and AMA – TerraSpaces

Edit 21/12/2021 - We will have a weekly AMA on Sunday evenings on Twitter Spaces at 7pm and also we will have a quarterly open budget session for transparency around cost and spend which will include an AMA around this subject

Edit 28/12/2021 - Twitter spaces AMA answering questions regarding governance vote and proposal. LunaFest AMA Governance Chat – TerraSpaces


This sounds superb! Wen LunaFest?!


Boys!! Legends! History in the making. Put me down for a glamping pod please?? Near the toilets please :rofl::rofl:


Outstanding concept and vision. Know several of these guys personally and their commitment to the Terra ecosystem and it’s growth is very real. Be good to let them show you what they got. Low risk high reward venture for all.


Sounds amazing, clearly lots of thought has gone into it and a solid business plan. Great way to bring the Terra community together, will get my vote.


Sounds incredible and clearly a lot of thought has gone into this, I really want to see this happen! Will get my vote for sure!


Huge big :+1::+1::+1:up from me, its about time we all had something to look forward to, bring it on​:+1:


Amazing chaps, let’s make it even more difficult to deny this is a Lunar cult! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::waning_gibbous_moon:

Jokes aside, I love the idea of this event serving as a small incubator/test for onboarding artists and people who have not heard of Terra yet.
Festival culture is huge in the UK and with attractive marketing, this can certainly bridge some gaps and raise visibility in a fun and engaging way. Can’t wait to clink glasses with all you LUNAtics there!


Thanks for your feedback and that you share our main vision as it being an onboarding mechanism for non-natives.

Part of the proposal includes a very strong marketing execution, including a documentary surrounding the event that will bring exposure and reach far beyond the event itself.

Just check out our marketing partners work here


This looks an awesome event guys can’t wait for Luna Fest!!


You can’t be serious, come on…


I love this idea, any chance you could schedule a couple twitter spaces for AMA?


whats up?
You not coming?

In the year 2023

Hi Luigi,

Thanks for responding. We polled several different groups as part of the market research regarding ticket prices - local LUNAtics, UK based LUNAtics and the wider Luna community. Below is the research feedback regarding tickets prices. You will note that the majority sat within the $350 - $500 ticket price, some were willing to pay more and some less. Ultimately it shows a 3 day/night event including camping admission with high quality artists, entertainment and speakers is worth the ticket price.

Screenshot 2021-12-18 170426
Screenshot 2021-12-18 170435
Screenshot 2021-12-18 170357

With regards to onboarding and embracing non-crypto natives the festival scene attracts a wide range of demographics, by combining music and live acts with presentations, AMA’s and key-note speakers from the Luna and Crypto community we expect many attendees to get involved in the crypto aspect of LunaFest. We already have a number of key-note speakers and protocol leads who have expressed a strong desire to attend and discuss and educate both native and non-natives.

We hope this gives a bit more insight into the research and objective of the event. Thanks again for getting involved in the discussion


Very good idea, I think we will get one organised in the coming few days. We will arrange for as many members of the project team to be in attendance. Thanks again


I truly like the initiative to make a short documentary! Crypto culture and ethos is so difficult to explain. Most of us onboard people who are close to us - friends and family, via many hours of debate - but that is difficult to scale. We should explore various media to see what works best to attract genuine attention from people that will then research further and fall down the rabbit hole. :rabbit2:

The key will be to strike the right balance between engaging and respectable - I have seen many a video from crypto events, even conferences that certainly hurt our perception more than they could ever hope to help. But Iooking over the portfolios of people involved I am very hopeful :grin:


@AndreMoon well this is certified insane - I will hopefully be seeing you there :wink:

A “stunning stately British home” is an understatement. This is a full on castle…

While I cannot ignore the passion by the Luna community, how will attendees feel if we enter into a bear market? Will admissions prices be sticky and would budget remain the same?

Also how will this affect your revenue estimates? It seems to be an awesome event but I could not seem to justify “glamping” at $1000 + travel costs if the market is in turmoil.

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3 day/nights seems to be a big long, i think 2 days could be sufficient. I guess depends on how many Terra projects teams can show up and participate. But count me in!

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Great idea! Good pick of artist! Bullish on this

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