Community Grant Proposal to Expand ‘TeFi Alpha’ Worldwide

Community Grant Proposal to Expand ‘TeFi Alpha’ Worldwide


The vision behind TeFi Alpha is to unite the Terra Ecosystem and to embolden our builders, innovators, and community leaders, to create the next generation of reality-breaking technologies on the Terra Blockchain.

In a world that is growing ever-more centralized, it is imperative that we continue to provide our ecosystem with in-person opportunities to meet, collaborate, and cross-pollinate.

The prevailing concept of the event is that it is the premier space for projects to “drop alpha”, meaning the biggest announcements and unveilings they have.

One of our goals was to brand TeFi Alpha as a blend of the best of the E3 conference product launch announcements and the TEDx talk style interfacing with the best minds in the Terra/Cosmos ecosystem, with a music festival aesthetic and the highest quality production in the industry.

Another goal was to set the tone and the standard with TeFi Alpha 1: New York City and build a foundation that was equipped to continue this series into the future and around the world.

What We’re Proposing

We envision two to three officially branded TeFi Alpha events annually, as well as multiple yearly events in partnerships with major crypto and Defi conferences/conventions such as DCentral Con. We estimate a total of 6-7 TeFi Alpha productions, per year.

The first events are taking place in North America, Europe, and Asia; expanding into the Middle East, Africa, South America, and Australia/Pacific going forward.

In order to ensure these amazing events are a success, we’ll need to be able to provide sufficient personnel, equipment, talent, and event resources.

Future TeFi Alphas will be multi-day “destination” events; we’ll aim to have our event coincide with large-scale crypto conferences, much like the first event that was cleverly paired with Messari’s Mainnet conference in New York City.


TeFi Alpha 1: New York was made possible by a dedicated and skilled staff of community members who worked more than full time hours to make the event a reality. That team consisted primarily of:

Ryan Olah / @OriginalRocka - Event coordinator; venue/location scouting and selection; Project coordinator; Vision planner; Venue Liaison; Logistics; Music and Media production. 20 years experience in festival events, planning, and production.

Evan Schindler / @Panterra0x - Terra Bites Podcast co-host, idea originator, live stream director, sponsor coordinator.

Kevin Russell / @LunaLootUST - Built & maintained TeFi Alpha website and socials; created all event specific merch, swag bags, ticket NFTs, and coordinated all giveaways & charity auctions, ran logistics on site. He runs and is the Creative Director for Angel Alliance.

Cody Marx / @superphly - Cody has produced music festivals, tech conferences, on both large and small budgets. His technical knowledge around blockchains and complex systems is also highly regarded. He is also a core contributor and lead architect for Andromeda Protocol and will be providing new NFT use cases for TeFi Alpha and Decentralized Events going forward.

*Chauncey St. John / @chauncey_stjohn - Angel Protocol founder and former Global program manager & authentic leader of software delivery teams across 45+ countries and 85+projects.

*Trevor Ogata / @TwiceInABluMoon – Ticketing and event logistics for TeFi Alpha. TIX Protocol Founder and member of Angel Protocol’s core team. Former software development manager for a medical IT company that brought government certified, affordable health records and prescriptions solutions to providers in underserved communities.

*(Advisors) / Temp staff are paid per event / involvement.


Since the successful conclusion of TeFi Alpha 1: New York City, the team has worked continually on planning future events, is actively developing two coordinated Terra/Luna based music festivals on multiple continents, is building out the concept of decentralized events (“Decentralized events need decentralized money”), has helped in the development of multi-sig wallet integration for Terra blockchain, and critically, one of the TeFi Alpha logistics team was inspired post-event to build out the next generation of decentralized ticketing and beyond with TIX protocol. The upcoming series of TeFi Alpha events and music festival partnerships will provide IRL proof-of-concept for TIX.

TeFi Alpha is CURRENTLY and actively partnering with DCentral Con and it’s founders to produce the official afterparty for DCentral Con Miami 2021, occurring 11/30-12/1, 2021.

One of the driving concepts of TeFi Alpha is that when we bring the Terra community together in person and face to face it will serve as a major catalyst for growth, ideas, new protocols, friendships, and a stronger and more connected ecosystem. We have seen these effects exponentially from just one event. We are ecstatic to see the network effect from multiple TeFi Alphas, let alone worldwide TeFi Alpha and continuous partnerships with cross chain events and promotions.


We would like to use the community fund in a creative way, and as a proof of concept for others, to highlight how UST can be used to capture and distribute yield into real world staffing and events.

We are asking for a $2.5MM endowment which would spin off the necessary funding to sustain TeFi Alpha events year to year. The principle would never be touched. The funds we are requesting would essentially serve as an endowment.

At the conclusion of the five year roadmap, a community vote will be held to determine the continuation of TeFi Alpha events. If TeFi Alpha concludes, the original endowment principal will be returned - in full - to either the community fund or voted to be directed to charity funding through Angel Protocol or a combination of both or a future scenario that we cannot foresee.

Yearly estimated costs:

Staffing: $228k per year
Venue: $195k per year
Travel: $22k per year
Total: $445k per year


Awesome idea! Those TeFi Events are definitely necessary and need to be better at each edition.

This obviously requires full-time energy & resources!


These events are great in my opinion… not only for bringing news and updates to the communites, but it brings on a whole collaborative atmosphere for all of the projects involved, as well as bringing connections to projects from other ecosystems. this has my support, community development plays a strong roll in growth and this seems to be a proper step in that direction.


Love it! TeFi Alpha has become an essential event for the Terra Ecosystem. Would love to see some of the community fund go towards making these types of events happen.


The first TeFi Alpha event was very well produced and it’s something that created long lasting bonds in our ecosystem. It fortified our community.

I’m all for it.


Funding for these events will result in compounding relationships, serendipity, and value way beyond the amount requested. :pray:


Hey everyone! this is KashRon here from the Intellabridge team (creators of Kash DeFi). I’ve been waiting for something like this the entire year.

UST needs to become the prodominant stablecoin used in the crypto world. In order to do this, it needs utility including real world use cases. At Kash, we are enabling anyone to offramp UST through our debit cards across US, Europe, and emerging markets. However, capability does NOT mean reality.

For UST to become a global currency, we need visibility and desirability. TeFi takes the necessary steps to turn that into a reality.

Real world adoption requires real world events. Face to face interaction. The ability to build trust by looking at someone directly in the eye and see sincereity. Whether it’s through conferences, dinner parties, information sessions, whatever. It’s BECAUSE I’ve worked with the TeFi team together in person that I’m advocating so strongly for them now. You can trust Ryan, Kevin, Evan, and others. THIS post is proof that…We. Need. This.

I’m in 100% full support of this initiative and look forward to seeing how Intellabridge can integrate capabilities and co-promote activities with TeFi.

Let’s go.


First TefiAlpha was awesome! Everyone involved has a great track for coordinating.

I think these events will be massively helpful for grounding the ecosystem to the real world. Would be great to see them continue to scale as Terra grows in adoption.




But same people around. No involvement of the other communities members in the staffing. Why not considering DAO and a fix term for each dedicated community staff across the regions: Middle East, Europe, North America, Asia.
If the actual format is adopted, everything will be centralized, handled by the same people, benefiting to the same people and not community inclusive.

Let’s decentralize everything and give talented people a
spot to shine and bring value to the TeFi community.


Really great opportunity to build an IRL community to match Luna’s great online community


I live the idea, we need events outside of Usa also, Canada :heart::heart::heart:


Two thoughts.

Is it possible to scaled this similar to Ted/ tedx events where local groups can use the format/stage


Love the idea of using revenue streams instead of lump sums

I’m curious on your thinking about a night vs a few days. Tefi NYC was pretty good as it was


We are planning an event mid Jan that will be multi-day. and yes! we would like what we do with Tefi Alpha to become a template like a TEDx. Let others use the brand and networks this builds to continue to bring people together and catalyze creativity and opportunities.


TeFi Alpha is merely the beginning. In the spirit of decentralization, I would also like to encourage those who want to host there own meetups and events locally, to absolutely do that and not rely on a TeFi Alpha event coming to your region.

We’re here to serve as a catalyst for innovation and a catapult for bringing amazing new projects to market.


For a DAO to be viable, you would first need to think about what goes into a DAO and how it would work.

If you had a token to vote and everyone had one, would they only vote on a proposal that brings an event to their area of where they want to go?

Who would execute it?

Legal ramifications?

Who would vote on parameter changes like budget if it didn’t directly impact them?

Incentives to vote?


How would you stabilize the token and what are the value accrual mechanisms when events are not happening?

I’d like you to break apart how it would work specifically before throwing out “let’s make it a DAO.”

To be clear I’m not saying it’s a bad idea; we all want decentralization which is why I always encourage community members to do meetups and host other events. There is nothing saying this is the only event for Terra.


Exciting times ahead if this gets the go ahead. Excited for the Lunafest UK already. Good work people👍🏻


Love the idea! Look forward to making a few trips for the global events…paying with my UST!!!


How it started: Network Effect
How it’s going: Networking Effect

Fully in support of a ‘Tefi Alpha’ endowment and expanding Terra’s brand and scope worldwide!


I really recognise the value of physical meet-ups where project alpha and road map updates get shared and agendas moved forward - but for me the current Tefi Alpha format is more than a little bit ‘old boys club’ / ‘back slappy’ / ‘inner circle centric’…

In a tweet thread on 01/09 Do said “Terra’s place in the wider crypto community can be pretty confusing - purely by accident…” and he went on to list all the amazeballs that is happening across projects and the ecosystem…

For me this comment is really on the money, and at the heart of why Terra is not expanding at rates congruent with the incredible development of all the innovation.

Terra remains a significantly challenging proposition to understand - and personally do not feel that enough energy and resource is being directed towards the simplification and amplification of Terra’s core offerings to ‘man in the street’…

Sure if you are ‘baptised’ and ‘get it’ then events like these are ripely positioned for an ‘inner circle fap’- and yes I fully get that there is enormous value in a ‘cadre convention’ that moves the titillatingly exciting bleeding edge innovation forward…

… BUT and it’s a BIG BUTT for me… if we are looking to pledge 7-digits of community funds towards events of this nature, should this get prioritised over addressing the (IMHO) bigger picture gulf of ‘confusion’ that remains core to Terra’s wider adoption and commercialisation?

And no, I don’t think it’s an ‘either, or’ for me it’s a ‘both, and’ but I passionately believe that without the acknowledgment and focus of the works needed to catalyse wider adoption and base understandings, then events like these, (in their current format) seriously short-change the potential growth trajectory that ‘those that know’ are all so passionate about.

TL;DR TeFi Alpha is clearly awesome and is an incredible platform that eulogises and catalyses the feature rich development that is going on within the TFL ecosystem. However, it does very little to simplify, promote, and on-board the mass audiences needed for Terra’s wider global adoption - and addressing this will actually synergistically feed the core “dev-fest’s” real end goals of success, that the ecosystem at large should be much more focussed at driving…


I support this 100%.

Unfortunately I was not able to join the event in September but heard a lot of good things about it. The team in the proposal seems to be a top notch one. These events bring credibility, makes the fuzzy “crypto things” less fuzzy and helps to bring the big audience in.

Thank you for the proposal, LFG.