Community must make important announcements about total supply of Terra Classic

Regardless of the progress of restore, the community voted to stop augment total supply of Luna classic and USTC forever, and then announced it to the outside world. This will encourage more people to join in, which is the most important and basic commitment of Terra Classic, so that more people can be confidence.
(translated text)

anyone wanted to add to total of supply?

If i understand to you right you want to permanently turn off LUNC minting abillity. Correct me if i am wrong.

But, there is still some peg between LUNC and USTC vulmerability to be fixed. As long as i read and think about this problem, i am still getting unsure if it is really good idea to stop minting LUNC while the peg will be set.
I know the hate is coming for me, but when i look at the problem…
The peg should work now if we buy reserve assets and burn USTC.

Why only burn USTC? Because while that big market of LUNC will be used as reserve of much lower market of USTC it is possible it will work correctly and would absord any unstability of the market. In this volume of almost 7 T new minting will easily absord not as in 1 B market as before. It WAS predictable that LUNC will fall. Lack of knownlages of investors did a thing.