[Community Poll] Sell or Hold at launch

I want to find out the spirit of community on Luna V2 listing. So, what will you do.

  • Sell
  • Hold
  • Undecided

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I’ll be getting a few thousand but I guess I’ll sell what I can. Tired of this mess.

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Those who sell lose not those who hold. Thats crypto, everything is developing so rapidly since this whole crypto story started.

It all started with an idea around 2005 than a few years later the idea became bitcoin it was worth pennies. people said hey its worth nothing lets buy pizza with it. Heck that pizza was the best they ever had … today

I couldn’t take it anymore…had 14000.00 turned into 42 bucks! DCA all the way to get me to .0005656 and LUNA still couldn’t hold. No direction from leadership except “Hold on, deploying more capital.” Which basically meant “Don’t worry we’re printing LUNA into oblivion and handing the funds to UST holders while we line our pockets.”

No faith in this anymore so I just sold the remaining LUNA and I won’t be buying anything in the future from DO KON! In fact this has soured my whole crypto investing experience; I see the industry as a whole is ripe for theft and fraudulent activity on a mass scale. No safeties in place to protect investments, algorithms that break or weren’t tested for proper function…so I’m out…and I’m not alone…I see the whole crypto market is selling off in response. You have made the retail investor afraid of crypto and so we are leaving. Nobody wants to see their portfolio liquidated in a matter of hours like what happened to us. So when everyone is tryiong to wonder why Bitcoin is floundering remember us because we are not gonna support you anymore.

P.S. I read that Do Kon was refunding whale UST holders at 1:1 when UST was at .60! This is not to be tolerated and I hope all the closed deals this guy was playing come out into the mainstream further imprinting my words on other investors. There will be more as this investigation continues.

Here is the link:

So while I was busy DCA on LUNA here is where my money was going…and yours! This game was rigged right from the start…


Probably keep (more precisely, just like other illiquid rubbish pouring into the portfolio).
We were practically nullified. Sense to sell without returning anything.
We’ve been betrayed. You have to accept it and move on.

how many do you hold currently?

You’re missing a buy response.
I will try to buy what I can before the meme crowd jumps on it.
Once CEX start listing it it will be more expensive.

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Lot depends on the launch price if this is even worth anything… everyone is by default a holder with 70% locked away…


If you thought TradFi would just let competition eat into their money monopoly without attacking and sabotaging, welcome to reality. Some will flee to the attackers for protection, some will stay and fight. Adios.

Interesting result.

I think it come down to what the initial price at launch will be, if its high expect a massive sell, to cover part of their losses, but they will be people that will want to hold and see it through for the next 24 months

I found out about Terra by chance. I am learning more about blockchain and crypto. I’m not sure what I will do. I’ll probably hold I guess. I don’t know why Luna unpegged as I can’t understand all of the technicals around it, but I admire the community and developers, their ability to bring all of this into existence. I just wish I can be of some help in some way.

Well, if the attackers are smart, they will allow Terra 2.0 to succeed and build up some wealth before attacking and robbing everyone again, blaming it on some new “exploit.” An attack at this point might not be damaging or profitable enough, so in my opinion holding might make more sense if you can get out before the next attack.