Community pool spending proposal

I propose to spend part of the funds from the community pool on the purchase of cryptocurrencies that can be staked. The choice of cryptocurrencies to bet on would be the subject of further discussion. The choice would fall on the more solid realities in defi such as ethereum. the proceeds deriving from staking would subsequently be used to buy lunc on the market and to burn what was purchased.

  • Taking advantage of bear market prices means potentially an excellent medium-long term appreciation of the initial investment.
    -At first, the selling pressure to buy the chosen cryptocurrencies would translate into a selling pressure for the lunc token, which, given the same volume, translates into greater burn by binance.
  • subsequently if the price continues to remain low when we start selling the proceeds of staking eth (or other crypto) we will be able to burn more. (also hoping for a rise in the market in general.)
  • the proceeds from eth (or other crypto) staking can always be used in the future to decrease total supplay, as a defense for maintaining the peg, as funds for financing community pool initiatives or distributed as an incentive for staking.
    the main advantage is the low current economic availability.
    WHY ACT:
    Exposure to a solid player in the defi landscape, such as ethereum, in these privileged market conditions can be a winning move for the long term, the daily proceeds of stable crypto staking can guarantee greater credibility, entate and recurring burn than the burn tax of a little-used chain.
    also keeping those funds tied up will lead to fewer burns and back-to-chain than making such a move.
    obviously the percentage to be allocated to this hypothetical operation must allow the financial stability of the community pool, it is not a trade but a prudent investment.
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Why spend the CP while there is a multisig wallet that could be used for the same purpose (and others)?!?

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Idea has merit in theory.
In practice, however, our CP is woefully lacking.

Q2 will see L1 team funding. Duncan will ask for funds on repeg project.

Remaining pittance, if any, will have a lacking effect on collecting any significant treasury.

Besides that, there’s the issue of whom should be trusted to do it. Legal and tax ramifications and such will need to be covered.

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I rephrase the proposal:
no matter the source, but I propose to buy solid cryptocurrencies to stake for the purposes mentioned above

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And what, has extra money already appeared in the pool? in fact, it is not enough for developers. And investments too, so-so idea. There is a risk not to increase, but to lose.