Over the past few weeks there has been a lot of of negative publicity that is impacting the community .This is a draft proposal with the main purpose of creating a way for a compromise on how $4.16M of terra assets should be handled. In the end Developers/TR will be paid without putting opposing proposals to vote.

Edward KIm has garnered the respect and trust from the LUNC community. I strongly believe he is the answer to resolving this vexing problem of the $4.16M, by being the mediator.

For the sake of procuring the funds, let the group of nine take possession of the funds.
That group cannot distribute the funds in anyway without the unanimous approval
of Ed, Vegas and Alex. .

You know Vegas and Alex will never agree on anything that is a dangerous combo…

Based on what I’ve seen


If they really want to pay the developers they will need to swallow their pride.