Could Elon Musk be the answer?

Do Kwon should give Elon Musk total control over Luna Foundation so he can bail us out + upgrade, not only the protocol but also the way we organize the community since its evident we can’t get to take our proposals anywhere.

He’s got the money
He’s crypto friendly
He’s smart
And more importantly, him leading the project might be the only way to get trust back in the project

Anyway, I find it hard for any solution to give us everything back to everyone, WE ALL HAVE TO COMPROMISE and move quickly!

Love you guys, either way we are still alive, we are still very lucky and we should not give this for granted!


Good joke. I’m sure Elon will laugh if he hears about it.


He can , but not at the middle of this mess. At the beginning if he use hashtag #FromAshesWeWillRise this will be big morale support to all community of terra. Please use this tag as start of campaign to rebuild .

Then Luna name should be ELuna Musk


Hopium is always nice to have in these distressed situation. Have a nice dream tonight getting your money back

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About all we could hope for is a buying pump after a couple tweets. I think he has his hands full right now

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If every failed crypto project tries to enlist Musk’s help, it’s out of the mission of decentralization, Musk has limited energy, and he needs to deal with much more important work than cryptocurrencies :money_mouth_face: