Crisis Plan

You need to take the hit! And rise from the ashes.

TFL needs to regain credibility!!! You need to rebuild the Luna community.

This is a short plan to get out of the crisis.

1 - Stop all trading of UST/ etc. Luna/ etc . bLuna (and other coins in TFL)

2 - Postpone UST for a period of time until things subside.

3 - Open a new Luna V2 coin , IDO should be $1

4 - Luna V2 must be secured with LFG.

5 - Exchange Luna V2 to all coin holders in the network for UST - Luna - bLuna etc
5.1 The exchange must be at a ratio of 1(Luna V2) to. The amount of money spent at the time of purchase UST - Luna - bLuna etc.
For example user bought on Binance Luna for 10$ and spent 1000$ and ended up with 100 Luna coins, such user needs to return 1000 Luna V2.

6 - Open Luna V2 steaking (period of 1 year)

7 - Out of 100% users you will lose about 30 - 40% of holders who will immediately start selling their Luna V2, this is normal, this is business.

8 - Develop the community, steaking will remain from 70% of the network users, you will have funds to develop

9 - Within a year, the community will see that you have the means to provide on steaking + funds for LFG, you will have a real chance to make a miracle.

10 - You will regain the trust of people around the world! After all, this is the most important thing.

11 - You can raise outside capital when you show everyone what you can do.


I wish they stopped trading soon as the depeg was absolute.

Why would they? They already made millions and now they just get to make a new chain with no accountability or personal cost

This is what ought to be in crisis management. I agree with this porposal.
No point to be angry, but revive Terra ecosystem with Luna 2.
Do not do UST2 yet. until the modelling is correct.
Yes Luna 2 IDO should be $1 and should be compensated to all Luna, UST users. I think it is enough to compensate 1-1 since UST is $1. Luna wise, it will rise again. to compensate the price of purchase is good, but it will be difficult to track. Fork is 1-1 compensation. HODL and stake Luna2.

This will be a proactive solution.

The strong horse Terra 1 was attacked. Bruised. Continue the journey with a new horse Terra 2.
By doing so, Do Kwan is doing things right.

Legislation should be formed to disallow leveraged trading of massive proportion.

Decentralised or centralised exchangers should buy a USD250 insurance to cover for any lost of coins to attacks or stolen.

When a company is under attack, it is not Do Kwan total mistakes. The attacker should be jailed. Unless proof Do Kwan conspire with the attackers which is remote.

Seriously no point to finger pointing now. Crisis Management is never an easy thing to do. Yet must be brave to do.