Current situation with Luna

Hi Guys,
Quite new to crypto but have dabbled over the years in very small buys and have purchased Luna before and after the crash.

Can anyone explain the current situation? i see there are proposals/votes going on but I am not quite clear on the current state of play?

I think the owners/founders of Luna want to hard folk, and slowly end classic and replace with V2?
I also read in this forum (which is very helpful) another proposal about burning a large proportion of luna and current holders releasing 3% of stake to support this method?
I also read there is a vote going on, i think in the folk proposal?

Can anyone just explain the options and opinions on whats going on to some of us lesser experienced crypto people who were just investing trying to make a little cash?

— For the record , i would be happy to give up 10% of my stake to support the project.