CZ from Binance got a point about forks

Do they really think they can fork BTC at the snapshot on Nov 18, 2021, and the new fork will have the new BTC at $68,000 (the price on that day)?


Ofcourse not and they know it too. The very notion of fork here is to steal money.



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Its same with fiat money. If you want to reduce supply then burn/take money out of circulation. You don’t create a new money by taking snapshot from an earlier date when circulation was low. This approach is a clear act of theft.


Why does it seem that cz is repurposing beter ideas then terra . A actual moving forward idea. I even purposed a transactional burn instead of a supply burn, the supply burn can be done by removing the remainder or in the beginning . Just create a higher spending gas fee and send fees over to 0x0 for a year or so . This will already be a much beter idea just giving back attackers their money and say behave now


Do needs to raise money from investors or take loans and personally pledge his personal assets to make us whole.

Him sitting pretty while we are suffering won’t end well.