Death Spiral <-> Revival Spiral

Is terra 2.0 airdrop Revival spiral? UST gives a larger number of LUNA than LUNC UST prices go up. LUNA prices go down. Recovery begins. More people buy LUNA. Again, UST gets more airdrop than LUNA. It repeats over and over and over again.

LUNA holder only needs to change your LUNA to UST.

You can actually get more terra 2.0 LUNA airdrop.

This is the start button of the Revival Spiral.

I don’t fully understand it but I don’t think 2.0 Luna will mirror Luna Classic and keep pumping new additions. It is a snapshot one time deal. They snapshot the blockchain if i understand correct it’s like taking a saved game file and then they compare and calculate the data one time and air drop one time. So even if people keep buying luna classic they can’t keep turning it into 2.0 UST. Sorry if this isn’t what you mean.