Decentralization or Dictatorship?

Who removed all the governance proposals? Was there a vote to remove the proposals? Was there even a public discussion or announcement?

For a community and project that prided itself on decentralization, I’m shocked at the lack of concern and discussion about the clear violation of the community’s voice. Regardless of whether or not those proposals were “good”, “bad”, or even possible. Regardless if you agreed or disagreed with the
proposals. Our right to vote and decide on the future of the project, our own financial future, what we believe in is far more important than the money lost.

When somebody has the power to remove proposals because it’s against their best interest, because they don’t agree. When somebody has the power to force only the proposals they want, this is no different than the oppressive regime of our traditional financial system, this is not decentralization, this is a dictatorship designed to steal your wealth. Our wealth will always be stolen so long as we allow this behavior.

If this dictatorship is masking it’s lies of decentralization, what else is it masking? lies about its crash? Do you honestly believe terra2 will be any different? Terra2 is not the solution, dictators don’t just give up power. It will be the same masked dictatorship as this one is reveling itself to be right now. What we really need is true decentralization, without it we are doomed to repeat the failure of terra. The only reason to create terra2 is to redirect the scandal of terra. Terra already has everything we need, everything is already built. It only required a few minor changes, and for the power to being given to the community.

The worst part? This dictatorship is succeeding in dividing the community, and will successfully transfer the wealth of the masses to the wealth of the few. Just like the corruption of our tradition system, they win by dividing us. Our only chance to make true meaningful change is to stand together. Weather we agree with each other or not, that should come down to a fair vote, with everybody’s proposals on the table, not just the dictators proposal.

Just for transparency, I fell for this scandal like most of you. I believed in terra, I loved the terra experience, I believed this was a decentralized system. I lost much of my savings to this like a lot of you. I’m not trying to spread fud, I’m only pointing out the blatantly clear and criminal behavior that seems to be being ignored and pushed under the table. Removing of all proposals is a big red flag that should not be ignored, that act alone is showing their big ugly dictatorship hand. As long as the control is in that hand, we will always be the victims.

The real issue crypto is suppose to solve is this precisely, corruption.
Power back to the people.

What is this then if our voices are being silenced?


Yes, It’s Decentralized fraud. clear as day

Will be a learning lesson to all that unless the project is completely community owned it’s not decentralized at all. Do Kwon and company will do as they like as they have all the voting power.

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