Did I lost my wLUNA on Uniswap?

Okay, forum people, who understands the subject please answer.
What should I do if all my assets are in wLUNA on Uniswap platform. They were there on LP with Eth before attack and when it’s starts all liquidity turned into wLUNA.
The post-attack option doesn’t work for me since I didn’t move my assets before or after the attack. Now, current 1kk LUNC to 1 LUNA return offer doesn’t good for me.
Does that mean I lost all tokens and won’t get into the pre-attack snapshot?

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I wish some korean stable guy will answer this, but they seem to be ignoring this topic

From the medium post: Terra 2.0 — LUNA Airdrop. Terra 2.0 is nearly here. As a… | by MC | Terra Money | May, 2022 | Medium

“ Assets that may not be included:

UST or LUNA bridged off of Terra

  • Users with bridged UST or LUNA who would like to be included in the Post-Attack snapshot need to bridge back to Terra before the snapshot is taken.

UST or LUNA on Terra protocols that cannot be easily identified

  • All protocols listed on DeFi Llama here will be covered, in addition to a few others that are known.

UST or LUNA on CW3 multi-sig contracts

  • Most UST and LUNA in CW3 multi-sig contracts will be accounted for, but there could be edge cases that may not be included.”

I had purchased in January via UNISWAP using MetaMask. My LUNA is in form of Wrapped Luna I guess (contract address to see my Luna balance is 0xd2877702675e6cEb975b4A1dFf9fb7BAF4C91ea9)

Does this mean I am not going to be a part of the snapshot?!!

Appreciate any help.

Hi! What about wLUNC (LUNA-S in Metamask), which I had in LP in Uniswap V3? When attack was starts I have 50/50 (LUNA/ETH) on my LP. Then, mister Do Kwon says is nothing worry about. Okay, my LP turned to 100% LUNA, and then I sent it all to my Metamask (on 11th may). Now the New airdrop shows me that I don’t have a coins to claim.
I can confirm that it was BEFORE attack in Etherscan by all my transactions with Uniswap and Metamask. Now, I have a only wLUNC (LUNA-S), and airdrop still go around me. Dear community, did someone