Differences in the collection of fees

I am programming to do swap. The swap works perfect, but I find the following problem and difference.

If I swap from the terraswap platform, it charges me 10% less fees than if I do it with my script. I have the gas_prices at 0.15uluna and the gas_adjustment at 1.2.

For example, I swap 10 moons and it charges me 0.055 moons per script and 0.0055 per terraswap.

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you

I see you have already found the discord. :slight_smile:
For anyone else who is interested in the resolution to this issue join here: Terra

Hi Jared, how are you? Thanks for answering the post. Yes, I know the discord, I’ve been asking questions for a long time in the terra developer chat and other channels such as anchor, terraswap and mirror and nothing, I can’t get anyone to answer my questions. It is really difficult to move forward with developments without having a place to consult